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"Tree Removals and Pruning is an Art"
We are experts when it comes to pruning your trees with an artistic eye to
enhance the beauty of your trees. We are also experts in size reduction when
trees are overgrown and become dangerous. We are experts when it comes to
removing large limbs over your home and not doing damage to any structures.
You can trust us to give you the best advice. When it comes to saving your trees
with the most up to date treatments and techniques.
We have been in business for over 40 years
We remove trees swiftly & safely with a 130 ft crane that
saves us time & saves you money
"You'll LOVE doing business with us!"
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We are a complete professional tree removal company, our manager Richie Tree has
been removing and pruning trees for over 40 years. This is a third generation family
business and we are top professional climbers and a licensed crane operator with an
elite NYS crane operators License as well as federal NCCO Crane License. Our family
has been in the business since 1926. We are famous in our area for helping people,
many who cannot really afford to pay the high prices that other companies charge to
remove the larger monster pines and oaks that must be removed due to threatening
customers homes and property. We are large tree removal specialists. We can help
our customers with their problem because we remove trees swiftly and safely with
our 130 ft crane that saves us time and saves our customers money. We can remove
trees in more than half the time then our competitors who operate with 60' bucket
trucks having no capacity or experience to lift the massive weight of large trees.

We also do a large volume of business so we can route ourselves to do jobs in close
proximety to other customers to save our customers even more money. Our
customers love doing business with us. We don't take deposits and we are paid after
the job is 100% complete and our cusomer is happy. We don't take advantage of our
customers even knowing that we re the only Tree Company in the area that is
experienced and equipt to handle large and dangerous trees. We are well known in
our town and surrounding areas for helping our customers who will go out of their
way to reccommend us. This is a very dangerous and highly specialized business with
no room for error. Our work environment is drug and alchohol free and dirty
language is not tolerated. Our employees are top professional tree workers, we have
2 million liability insurance and workers comp.

Take advantage of our daily rates when you have many to remove. We can work out
a daily rate which can save you a lot of money. Instead of pricing even large trees
individually, this type of pricing can save as much as 50% even on large pines whre
we can remove many trees for one daily rate. We have many happy satisfied
customers who have had us work on a daily rate including camps, municipalities,
large property owners, cemetarys, and private communities as well. We do have
refrences of many happy customers. We service all the private communites including
but not limited to Wild Acres, Birchwood Lakes, Gold Key, Sunrise Lake, Conashaugh
Lakes, Lake Adventure, Trails End, Hemlock Farms, Walker Lake, Twin Lakes, and
Pocono Woodlands. Many of these communities also reccommend us as we keep
their residents happy. We also serve Milford Township, Milford Boro, Matamoras,
Shohola, Dingmans, Port Jervis, Cuddebackville, Greenville, Westbrookville, Glen
Spey, Eldred, Yulan, Barryville, Montague NJ.

We are the best and cheapest company out there and guarantee a 100% satisfaction
rate. Don't risk having unprofessional people out there to give you a nightmare
40 years of experience and we are on the top of our game-we make tree removal look
"You'll love doing business with us!"
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An Oak Tree with a 30" Diameter trunk can weigh approx 300 lbs per foot. A hundred
foot oak tree leaning over your house or wires can be a concern, especially if the
trunk is not solid or there are signs of mushrooms growing on the trunk or anywher
on the tree. Our Crane can reach 130' high and can pick 8000 lbs at 90' high. Our
crane operator and manager Richie Tree is a licensed Crane operator always
undergoing extensive classroom training and testing to keep on top of his craft with
his NCCO federal license, NY State license, Pennsylvania license, and New Jersey
license which must be renewed every 3 years. A licensed crane operator must be
capable of making quick decisions for picking up certain weights at different boom
lengths and degrees or angles. The speed at which a crane can remove a tree can cut
tree removal time as much as 75% and be that much quicker than a bucket truck that
only has a 300 lb capacity. Removing trees with a crane is also much safer and
elimates damage to lawns, shrubbery, flowers, etc. Don't make the mistake of hiring a
tree company that is not sure of themselves when removing large trees. We are 100%
confident at what we do. We remove large trees everyday and we are the best in the
business. We make tree removal look easy.
The use of our Crane is
There is no additional or
hidden charge-it is safer
and  helps us do our job
faster-which saves you
We will not be undersold
Our crane can speed up tree removal
time as much as 75% faster then our
competition, that means when we
spend half a day removing your tree we
only charge you for half a day as
compared to our competitors charging
you a full day-that's 50% cheaper then
our competition
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Serving: Barryville NY
Milford PA
Dingmans Ferry PA
Shohola PA
Port Jervis NY
Matamoras PA
Mount Hope NY
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